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Conference Dates: Wednesday, June 7, 2023 at 1:00 pm - Friday, June 9, 2023 at 4:00 pm

Locations: St. Andrew's United Church, the Atlantic School of Theology, and other locations in Halifax, Nova Scotia


Early Bird: Register on or before March 1st : $205 plus Eventbrite fee

Regular: Register after March 2nd : $225 plus Eventbrite fee

Accommodation: For more information on accommodations, click here

Orientation Package: Click here.

Wednesday evening concert: Your registration includes a ticket to a concert by Sarah McInnis, from the Annapolis Valley!

Presenters:                                      Presentation Titles:

Murray Pruden                                  Collective Storytelling to Influence an Unspoken Community

Graham Singh & Miriam Bowlby       RE-purpose, RE-develop & RE-mission -

                                                          Property Strategy as a Key to Releasing New Ministry Vision

Sue Browning                                   Why Sex and Spirituality are Good Bedfellows!

Penny Nelson                                   Praise The Slow Way

John Pentland                                   Body Parts

Chris Pullenayegem                          Hiding in plain sight: Diaspora and the emerging Church     

MiYeon Kim                                       Magpie, You Bring the Good News: Interculturality and Creativity in Ministry 

Lloyd Nyarota                                    Towards a Better Society: Church’s Mission and Ministry of Reconciliation

Susan Chisholm                                God, Rid Me of God: A New-Old Prayer in Practice

Rob Fennell and Susan Chisholm     Beach Time: Seaside Spiritual Nurture

Tamsin Michael Robson                    Beyond Adam and Eve: Exploring the Spirituality of Trans and Non-Binary                                                                      People


Further presentations and leadership from:

Catherine Faith MacLean

Jeff Crittenden

Roger Janes

Kevin Parks & Mostly Righteous

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